Air freight specific consignment process

Air freight specific consignment process

Handling air freight consignment. All foreign trade companies and industrial and trade companies prepare the goods, and after the received letter of credit has been checked (or amended), they can handle the consignment, that is, according to the letter of credit and the relevant shipping clauses in the contract, as well as the name and quantity of the goods , Shipment date, destination, etc., fill in the "Consignment Note" and provide relevant documents, and send them to the Sinotrans company as the basis for booking flights.

Arrange cargo hold. After receiving the consignment note and related documents, the Sinotrans company will work with China Civil Aviation to arrange the space based on the loading principle, the nature of the cargo, the quantity of cargo, the destination, etc., and then the CAAC will issue the air waybill.

Loading, loading. According to the flight, SINOTRANS collects the goods from the warehouse on behalf of various foreign trade companies or industrial and trade enterprises and sends them to the airport, and delivers the goods to the designated space for shipment with the loading documents.

Issue the waybill. After the cargo is installed, the CAAC will issue the master air waybill, and the Sinotrans company will issue the air house air waybill. The air house air waybill has three originals and twelve copies. There are three originals, the first is given to the consignor, the second is kept by Sinotrans, and the third is handed to the consignee along with the goods. Twelve copies are used for customs declaration, financial settlement, foreign agency, transfer and distribution, etc.

Issue a shipping notice. After the goods are installed on the machine, a shipping notice can be issued to the buyer so that the other party can prepare for payment, redemption, and receipt of the goods.