What is Amazon Shipping?

What is Amazon Shipping?

The full name of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is Fulfillment By Amazon, which means that after the seller sends the goods to the Amazon fulfillment center in batches, Amazon is responsible for helping the seller to store the goods; when the goods are sold, Amazon completes the order sorting, packaging and distribution, and Provide buyer consultation, return and other customer services for these products, helping sellers save manpower, material and financial resources. For Chinese sellers, it means delivering the goods to overseas Amazon warehouses, and Amazon will complete the follow-up delivery and after-sales service.

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We value training our employees so that each of us becomes a true professional.

Liner Procurement

From alliances like 2M, Ocean, THE, to other independent players like ZIM, KMTC, RCL, WHL, from CZ, EK, CX, etc. to charter flights, we have strong purchasing power and marketing sensitivity.

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Passion for our work drives our efforts and is the backbone of our success, feel us if you start working with us.

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Against 18 years’ growth by the capability and honesty, Millennium is now a well reputed brand in China and the world.

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Amazon Fulfillment Specialization

FBA distribution centers are set up by product categories, and different products are delivered by different distribution centers. Doing so is conducive to improving the degree of professional operation of the distribution center, simplifying and standardizing the operation organization, not only improving the efficiency of the distribution center operation, but also reducing the management and operation costs of the distribution center.

Advantages of Fulfillment by Amazon

There are three main advantages of Amazon FBA logistics, namely, fast logistics, top product ranking, and guaranteed after-sales logistics.

The advantages of Amazon's self-delivery logistics are two aspects. One is that sellers can better control costs, including cargo pressure costs and logistics costs, to avoid losses due to Amazon's policy adjustments. On the other hand, self-delivery has more control, and sellers can independently decide on return and exchange processing and control product inventory.

Shorten delivery distance and time

After the seller has shipped to the FBA warehouse for storage, as long as the local FBA warehouse is stocked, the buyer can place an order on Amazon and deliver the goods directly to the buyer, which saves time and eliminates the need for domestic delivery to purchase. In the hands of the home, but through the local FBA warehouse, so the delivery distance is also shortened. This is also an important advantage of FBA warehouses.

What are the advantages of using Amazon cross-border logistics?

1. Efficient, stable and convenient, saving you time, effort and worry, the three major advantages must be kept in mind!

2. Lock-up service: lock the goods in the Amazon fulfillment center designated by the United States or Europe, reduce the extra cost caused by the sub-warehouse, and improve the efficiency of warehousing

3. One-stop service on the seller platform: cargo operation management, customs tedious documents are fully online operated, fast, stable and reliable, providing transparent tracking of the whole chain of goods

4. Stable timeliness: Help sellers reduce the warehousing time for air and sea shipments, warehousing as soon as possible, and increase sales and sales profits in peak seasons

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Amazon Shipping delivers orders from your own website and other e-commerce channels. We pick up your package 7 days a week and deliver it to your customer the next day.

Your order will be delivered within five to eight days. We process and ship your order in the most cost-effective way so we can offer free shipping. Don't worry if you find your item hasn't shipped yet.

Amazon is very reliable in delivering orders. If you live in the US, you will usually receive your shipment within 1 to 7 business days (depending on shipping speed). Third-party sellers may take from 1 to 21 days to deliver your order, depending on their location and the items they ship.

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