Send/replenish inventory to Amazon

Send/replenish inventory to Amazon

When you're ready to send inventory to Amazon, you begin by creating a shipping plan. A shipping plan specifies the following:

  • The products you want to send to Amazon
  • The quantity of each product
  • The shipping method and carrier details
  • Whether or not you want to prepare and label your inventory yourself or have Amazon do it

Create your shipping plan

On this page, we’ll help you with the prerequisite step to creating your shipping plan, selecting the products to send to Amazon.

After you have completed your shipment and sent it to Amazon, use the Shipping Queue to track your shipment as it progresses through the fulfillment network.

Select products

  1. Go to Manage Inventory and select each product that you want to ship.
  2. From the Action on selected drop-down menu, select Send/replenish inventory.
  3. On the Send/replenish inventory page, choose one of the following:
    • Create a new shipping plan
    • Add to an existing shipping plan to add products to an open shipping plan. Select an open plan from the Add to shipping plan drop-down menu.
  4. Confirm your ship-from address. Your ship-from address is the location where your shipment will be picked up. It may be your home or business. If you work with suppliers, it may be from their warehouse. To change the ship-from address, click Ship from another address.
  5. Confirm the packing type of the products you are shipping to Amazon. Individual products are single products of varying quantities and conditions. Case-packed products are multiples of the same product packaged by the manufacturer, each case containing the same quantity in the same condition.
  6. Click Continue to shipping plan.
     After you select the products that you want to send, you are ready to set the quantity for each product.
  • Set the quantity for shipment to Amazon
  • Prepare your products for FBA shipping
  • Label products
  • Review/view shipments to Amazon
  • Prepare shipment to Amazon
  • Summary of shipment process
  1. Set quantity is the first step in the six-step shipment creation process.