Aviation Freight packaging and transportation requirements

Aviation Freight packaging and transportation requirements

In international trade, although our most commonly used logistics transportation is sea transportation, after all, the number of sea transportation far exceeds that of air transportation, and the cost of sea transportation is much lower than that of air transportation. However, in the current social development, the distance of international transportation is relatively long. If some urgent express items or valuables are still shipped by sea, it may cause unnecessary losses. Therefore, in this case, the aviation freight greatly shortens the transportation time. Many people are very familiar with the shipping method, so many people may not be very clear about the air shipping method.

Air Freight's cargo packaging requirements

The packaging of the goods shall ensure that the goods will not be damaged, lost or leaked during transportation, and will not damage or contaminate aircraft equipment or other items. The shipper shall adopt appropriate inner and outer packaging materials and packaging forms according to the nature and weight of the goods, transportation environmental conditions and the requirements of the carrier, and pack them properly. For goods that are delicate, fragile, shock-proof, pressure-sensitive, and non-invertible, there must be appropriate packaging measures to prevent damage to the goods. It is strictly prohibited to use straw bag packaging or straw rope tying. It is not allowed to carry prohibited or restricted goods, dangerous goods, valuables, confidential documents and materials in the package of goods.

Special cargo transportation requirements for aviation Freight

For special cargo transportation, in addition to complying with the regulations for general cargo transportation, the following corresponding special requirements shall also be complied with: For goods that the shipper requires urgent shipment, with the consent of the carrier, urgent transportation can be handled, and urgent shipping charges shall be charged in accordance with the regulations. Microbial products such as strains and culture media that are harmful to humans, animals and plants, cannot be carried without special approval from the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Any biological products such as vaccines, vaccines, antibiotics, serums that are manufactured, refined, and sterilized, can be carried as general cargo if the shipper provides a certificate of sterility and non-toxicity. The storage and transportation of microorganisms and harmful biological products should be far away from food. The transportation of plants and plant products must rely on a valid "phytosanitary certificate" issued by a plant quarantine department at or above the county level where the shipper is located.