Characteristics of international transportation | tracked international shipping

Characteristics of international transportation | tracked international shipping

International transportation is the transportation between countries and regions. Compared with domestic cargo transportation, it has the following main characteristics:

(1) International transportation involves international relations and is a very policy-oriented foreign-related activity

International transportation is an integral part of international trade. In the process of organizing the transportation of goods, it is necessary to often have direct or indirect extensive business contacts with foreign countries. Such contacts are not only economic, but also often involve international politics. The problem is a very policy-oriented foreign-related activity. Therefore, international transportation is not only an economic activity, but also an important foreign affairs activity. This requires us not only to use an economic point of view to handle various businesses, but also to have a policy concept and engage in international transportation business in accordance with the requirements of our country’s foreign policy. .

(2) International transportation is long-distance transportation with many intermediate links

International transportation is the transportation between countries and regions. Generally speaking, the transportation distance is relatively long. It often requires the use of multiple means of transportation, through multiple loading and unloading, and many intermediate links, such as transshipment, Transformation of transportation methods, etc., pass through different regions and countries, and must adapt to different laws and regulations of each country. If a problem occurs in any one of these links, it will affect the entire transportation process. This requires us to organize and link the links tightly to avoid disconnection in a certain link and bring losses to transportation.

(3) International transportation involves a wide range of areas, and the situation is complex and changeable

International transportation involves many departments at home and abroad, and needs to deal with cargo owners, transportation, commodity inspection agencies, insurance companies, banks or other financial institutions, customs, ports, and various intermediary agents in different countries and regions. At the same time, because the laws and policies of various countries and regions are not

First, differences in trade and transportation habits and business practices, differences in financial and monetary systems, and changes in political, economic and natural conditions will all have a greater impact on international transportation.

(4) The timeliness of international transportation is strong

Transporting import and export goods according to fashion and timely delivery of goods to the destination is of great significance to fulfilling import and export trade contracts, meeting the needs of the commodity market, improving market competitiveness, and timely settlement of foreign exchange. In particular, some fresh and live commodities, seasonal commodities and sensitive commodities require rapid transportation and timely organization of supply, which is conducive to improving the competitiveness of export commodities and consolidating and expanding the sales market. Therefore, international transportation must strengthen the concept of time, compete for time and speed, in order to win quickly.

(5) The risk of international transportation is greater

Due to the many links in the international transportation, the long transportation distance, the wide range involved, the complicated and changeable situation, and the strong timeliness, the changes in the international situation along the transportation, the social unrest, the occurrence of various natural disasters and accidents , As well as wars, blockades, embargoes, or piracy, etc., may directly or indirectly affect international transportation and cause serious consequences. Therefore, the risk of international transportation is greater. In order to pass on the risk loss in the transportation process, all kinds of import and export goods and transportation vehicles need to apply for transportation insurance.
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