How to reduce the delivery cost of Amazon FBA logistics?

How to reduce the delivery cost of Amazon FBA logistics?

Many sellers are distressed because of the high storage cost, especially the sellers who use Amazon FBA logistics. In addition to the platform service fee is not cheap, they will often encounter policy adjustment problems, which ultimately lead to increased costs. So, how to reduce the cost of FBA delivery? Today, we will share some practical tips with you.

The first measure: reasonable distribution
The simplest method: The total cubic number of the distribution is preferably an integral multiple of 2.5 cubic meters, and the total height of every two pallets is preferably close to 2.4 meters, instead of each pallet reaching the limit of 1.8 meters required by the FBA warehouse. high. In this way, local billing rules in the United States can be used to reduce unit cost expenditures.
Of course, this cannot be generalized. In addition, there are some factors that affect the unit cost of the first process, such as product name and weight-to-volume ratio.

The second measure: use the tail warehouse
Traditional LCL companies reserve some flexible positions when calculating LCL positions. In actual packing, part of the tail warehouse will be vacated due to inaccurate arrival data or customs declaration. Since FBA’s first-haul business has a unified consignee and a unified trade document, these tail tanks can be used better than traditional LCL. Some small batches of cargo that are not urgent can capture these relative comparisons when the shipping schedule is approaching. Cheap tail warehouse.

The third measure: Mini LCL
At present, sellers often use commercial express to send small batches of tens of kilograms to FBA warehouses. Not all of them are because the goods are eager to enter the warehouse for sale, but because small goods are more expensive than commercial express by sea. This is because the traditional billing method has the lowest billing amount for the first-way LCL and the second-way truck delivery, and a professional company with sufficient scale can completely lower this threshold.

The fourth measure: choose products carefully
In the selection process, the seller should start to consider logistics factors. If it is a product of the same value, consider a small product between a large product and a small product. Because of the low cost of lightweight FBA products, more benefits can be obtained. The product category determines the amount of Amazon recommendation fees that sellers need to pay.

The fifth trick: closely observe whether the FBA inventory is abnormal
FBA cannot completely ensure the safety of product storage, and product loss, quantity and shipment volume will also be different. Sellers need to carefully check the product inventory and other information. Once there is a problem, you can immediately contact FBA customer service for inquiries and claims, and the loss will be lost. Reduce as much as possible.

The sixth trick: try to avoid parcel splitting as much as possible
If the same package is sent to FBA, the cost for the same warehouse is 26 yuan per kilogram. If the cost of sub-warehouse processing is 28 yuan per kilogram, in the case of the same destination, try to avoid sub-warehouses and save costs by closing warehouses in advance.
For sellers, after the freight cost is reduced, the profits are not only more substantial, but the goods also have more flexibility.