What packaging principles should shipping companies pay attention to?
01 Jan

What packaging principles should shipping companies pay attention to?

The freight company can help customers send the goods to different countries, but because the express delivery road is far away, there are some differences in the express parcels in different regions. In order to smoothly deliver the goods to the destination, you must pay attention when looking for safe freight forwarding company parcels Pack the goods.

1. The packing box should be firm and strong

In order to avoid damage to the package during transportation and damage to the items in it, when looking for a reputable freight forwarding company to send the express, it is best to use a strong packing box and use a double-layer carton. Also, try not to use wooden boxes. Some countries have requirements for wooden boxes, and wooden boxes need to comply with the specified fumigation certificate.

2. Items must be fixed in the box

 No matter what is sent through the freight forwarding company, in order to prevent the goods from being impacted, they must be shaken left and right in the packing box. Therefore, when packing items, you should choose a box that is larger than the item, and use newspapers and foam sponges and other items that can absorb impact on the inner wall of the box for thickness treatment. In addition, if multiple items are packaged at the same time, please pay attention to filling the gaps between the items.

3. The packaging should not be overweight or long

 When sending international express, there are restrictions on the total weight and total length of each package. For specific parameters and standards, please consult the local express company in detail. If the total weight of the items to be sent exceeds the regulations, please pay attention to divide them into multiple small packages.

 The content explained above is related to the packaging principles that should be paid attention to when looking for a freight forwarding company to send goods. I hope that after reading it, it will be helpful to you. You can consult us, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.